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About Prattsburgh Market Place
My name is David Sherwood, owner of Prattsburgh Market Place. I have lived in Prattsburgh my whole life as did my parents and grandparents. I started working here at the age of fourteen. I took over ownership in October of 1997 as Prattsburgh Super Duper. In late 1998 we joined the Olean Wholesale Coop. and changed the name to Prattsburgh Market Place. Over the years with great support from the organizations and people of Prattsburgh and surrounding communities, we have been able to make several improvements. Some examples include: An addition on the north side, a new entrance on the south side, a new cash register system, brand new shelving throughout, new meat case, new freezers, new deli hot foods case, new deep fryer and 2 new state-of-the-art ovens for the bakery and deli. I've had a great time owning the store and hope that through continued support, many more improvements can be made.